PostHeaderIconShaver, Emily "Mabel" (1876)


Emily MABEL Shaver is the 11th child of Francis W. Shaver and grandchild of Peter Shaver.

born: January 2,1876 ... in: Toronto township, york county, Ontario, Canada
died: February 17, 1954
buried: Gough family plot, Prospect cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

married: George Harry Dafoe (3 children)
married: Avery Miller ( 0 children)
married: Joseph Gough (0 children)

E. Mabel Shaver: pictured w. George DafoeE. Mabel Shaver: pictured w. George Dafoe

Francis W. Shaver and Emily  J. Ward: ParentsFrancis W. Shaver and Emily J. Ward: Parents

Family Lineage

Peter Shaver
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Personal Events
Family ID - Heads of Family
680 - Shaver, Mable - Dafoe, George
Family ID - Children Birth order
680 - Dafoe, Floyd H. 1
680 - Dafoe, Mullen 2
680 - Dafoe, Gough 3
Family ID - Parents
309 - Shaver, Francis William (1833)
309 - Ward, Emily Jane
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