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Ancaster Township - Concession 3, lot 35 South.

Family CemeteryThe Shaver Family Cemetery in Ancaster, established in 1848, has always provided a peaceful respite from the busy world as Ancaster has grown up around it. It is a private family cemetery for William and Mary Catherine Shaver and their descendants and has been managed and maintained by family members of the descendants through the succeeding generations of its existence.

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Events associated with this place
Title Event Type Datesort icon
Shaver, John Franklin burial
Shaver, William E. - burial burial 1830-04-28 (after)
Book, Mary Catherine - burial burial 1845-02-08 (after)
Shaver, John (II) - burial burial 1852-12-20 (after)
Cornell, Martha - burial burial 1854-06-11 (after)
Smith, David Murray - burial burial 1878-07-18 (after)
Shaver, Charity - burial burial 1888-03-07
Shaver, Catherine - burial burial 1890-09-20 (after)
Shaver, Henrietta - burial burial 1897-12-31 (after)
Shaver, Annie M. - burial burial 1904-07-25 (after)
Shaver Cemetery News Update - 2017-08-21 cemetery update 2017-08-21
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