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Price, Percy Shaver - Irwin, Margaret marriage
Price, Lorena H.W. - Robins, Frederick J. marriage
Price, Leslie C. - Folensbee, Ruth marriage
Price, Glady M. - Hughes, George F. marriage
Price, Iva C. - Wilson, Harvey Alexander marriage
Shaver, Mable - Miller, Avery marriage
Shaver, Mable - Gough, Joseph marriage
Shaver, Henry Herbert - Watson, Maria Lovina marriage
Smith, Henry McGregor burial
Lynes, Hazel Mabel - Bucholtz, Omar Carl marriage
Shaver, Henrietta birth
Ryder, Earle Franklin death
Shaver, Ethel Grace birth
Willits, Elsey Jane - Caswell, John Nelson marriage
Shaver, Richard Lamberson burial
Shaver, John Franklin burial
Shaver, Guy Holford burial
Shaver, Ruby - Kennard, Reginald Henry marriage
Shaver, Alice Muriel - Stonehouse, Harold Wilfred marriage
Shaver, Peter Rolph death
Hunter, Cindy L. - Mohammed, Faisel S. marriage
Howell, Henry Vernon death
Shaver, Lily Maud burial
Shaver, Charles Edward burial
Smith, Dennis - Dawdy, Phoebe marriage
Olmstead, Wilford Earnest - Flack, Mary Ellen marriage
Bristol, Henry Richardson birth 06-08 1884
Shaver, Henrietta May death 14-01-1929
Shaver, Elizabeth - Kelly, Jonathan Philip - marriage marriage 1791 (about)
Upper Canada - political existence political boundary 1791-12-26
Kelly, Peter Bowman ~1795 birth 1795-03-20
Shaver, Catherine - birth birth 1795-07-21
Shaver, John William - death death 1795-08-04
Shaver, John William - burial burial 1796-08-04 (after)
Shaver, John birth 1799-02-24
Shaver, Henry birth 1800-06-01
Shaver, Charity - birth birth 1806-05-14
Shaver, Anna - Lee, William Samuel - marriage marriage 1808-08-28
Shaver, Frederick A. - birth birth 1818-01-22
Shaver, Margaret - Rymal, William - marriage marriage 1820-07-22
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