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Shaver, Jay Wilfred - Hewitt, Jean Adeline - marriage marriage 1917-11-16
shaver, Cecil Vincent - Robertson, Christina marriage 1918-07-11
Shaver, Velma Patricia birth 1919-04-12
Place, Helen May - Bunt, Arthur Fraser marriage 1920-12-22
Shaver, Margaret Elizabeth birth 1921-07-30
Shaver, Irene Annie birth 1922-08-08
Shaver, cyrus Hilliard Shaver birth 1923-09-29
Shaver, Cecil Vincent jr. birth 1925-05-27
Shaver, Rachel Jemima birth 1926-09-26
Shaver, Charlotte Minerva Melvina death 1927-03-17
Place, clarence Roy - Wright, Lillian Helen marriage 1929-11-09
Shaver, Wayne Ernest birth 1933-07-16
Vansickle, Garnet Cecil death 1966-02-10
Place, Helen May death 1992-10-22
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