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Moore, Bethia - Gray, James Connley marriage 1887-05-23
McCubbin, Evelyn Louise birth 1902-11-27
Shaver, Vernon W. O. - Nelson, Marie Anne marriage 1903-4
Gray, Naomi - Collier, Reginald marriage 1909-08-14
Shaver, Roland F. - Gibson, Margaret marriage 1910-11-12
McCubbin, Ethel Alberta - Bruin, Harry James marriage 1912-03-23
McCubbin, Ira Case death 1916-10-30
McCubbin, Lloyd Ernest - Burr, Irene May marriage 1925-10-01
McCubbin, Franklin death 1939-09-08
Moore, Bethia death 1958-12-29
Sovereign, Arthur Henry death 1966
Shaver, Helen Mildred death 1981
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