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Frederick H. Schaeffer Shaver Shaeffer/Shaffer/ Shaver is the 2nd child of Katerina/Caterina Werner and Wilhelm Shaeffer/Shaffer/Schaeffer (of Germany).

born: 1747 ... in: Electorate of Hanover or Rhineland
died: May 10, 1823 ... in: Log Gaol or Hardwick township,Sussex county, New Jersey, United States
cause of death: thrown from runaway wagon
buried: Marksboro church Cemetery, Hardwick township, Sussex county, New Jersey

married: Elizabeth Triller
(9 children)

- private John W. Shaeffer/Shaver (1739)
- William Schaeffer/Shaver (1751/53)
- Peter Schaeffer/Shaver

Uncle of: William E. Shaver (1771)

Shaver Family History Nine Generations (in Canada) by Mabel L. Kelly: ...Among
them were three Schaeffer brothers. All had been born in Germany, and all had
lived near each other in Sussex County, New Jersey: ... Frederick, born in 1747
- He had married Elizabeth Triller and had large farms near Johnsburg."

All of Frederick's children except for Abram lived in Hardwick Township, New

Frederick lived on "Great Meadow Farm" 1 mile north of Log Gaol, Hardwick Twp.,
Sussex County, New Jersey.

Family Lineage

**Fred H. Shaver - Triller Family Line**Fred H. Shaver - Triller Family Line

Family ID - Heads of Family
507 - Schaeffer, Frederick - Triller, Elizabeth
Family ID - Parents
152 - Schaeffer, Wilhelm
152 - Werner, Katerina
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