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Wilhelm Shaeffer was born in Germany (electorate of Hanover).
He and his wife, Katerina/Caterina/ Werner and their sons immigrated to North America.

Wilhelm is the Father of:
1. John Wm. Shaeffer/Shaver (1739-1796) born: in Germany
2. Frederick Shaeffer/Shaver (1747-1823) born: in Germany
3. William Shaeffer/Shaver(1751/53-1832) born: in Germany
4. Peter Shaeffer/Shaver

He died 1767 in Oxford township, Sussex county, New jersey

Shaver Family History Nine Generations (in Canada) M.Kelly: "...Their
father, Wilhelm Schaeffer and his wife, Katrinka (Katerina), had originally
come from High Germany and settled in Oxford Township, Sussex County, New
Jersey in 1765 ten years before the war. That is nine generations ago, down to
our youngest members. The sons Anglicized their name to Shaver. Wilhelm died 2
years later in 1767. Katrinka died 9 years later in 1776 during the
war....where Wilhelm had lived in High Germany....At that time, Germany
consisted of may sections called Electorates. Wilhelm lived in the Electorate
of Hanover."

Notes of H.G. Duff: "They arrived Oct 31 1765 in Philadelphia from Rotterdam on
Schooner "Betsy (Capt John Osman) with 3 sons settled in Sussex Co NJ....This
appears to be speculation especially concerning John's parentage.... Note:
Because of proximity of farms & birth dates and because all 3 families had
common Christian names insubsequent generations it is assumed that John,
Frederick & William were brothers. In the 1770s Frederick lived ca 1 mi n. of
Log Gaol (Johnsonburg, Hardwick twp, Sussex Co) William was a merchant in
Hardwick (now Marksboro) nearby John lived 8 m. s. of Fred. in Oxford Twp, NJ."

Notes of Richard Shaver: "Wilhelm Schaffer immigrated in ship "Betsey" out of
Cowes & Rotterdam from High Germany to New Jersey in the year Sept. 19 1765 D
1767 Oxford Township Sussex County N.J. His wife Katrinka/Katerinta D 1776
They had three known sons
John Schaffer B. 1739 Germany - D 1795 Ancaster Tp - Bethesda Cemetery first

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