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John B. Shaver is the 1st child of Delia Helen M. Thomas and Philip Shaver (1785)

born: 1824 or 1825 ... in: Cambria, New York, United States
died: April 5, 1898 ... in: Barton township, Wentworth county, Ontario, Canada
buried: Hamilton york st. Cemetery, Hamilton, Wentworth county, Ontario, Canada

married: Eliza Jane Kintell
(8 children)

John came back from Pennsylvania to settle in Burford, Ontario after his father's death. He is mentioned in the will of his aunt Susannah (1784-1856) as being the son of her brother Philip.

Notes of H. Duff:
"John B. Shaver, the oldest of Philip's sons, lived first on Lot 18/5 in Burford, then on Lot 17/6 in Barton Twp. He was a carpenter and a farmer, as was his namesake son. On January 13, 1848 he married Eliza Jane Kintell of the Dundas area. They had 8 children, 7 of whom married. Of their children, William and Aley John lived in the Hamilton area; Sarah McLean in the St. Catharines area and John B. in the Burford area."

Family Lineage

PHILIP SHAVER: John & Magdalene 4th childPHILIP SHAVER: John & Magdalene 4th child

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3048 - Shaver, John B. - Kintell, Eliza Jane
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3043 - Shaver, Philip (1785-1828)
3043 - Thomas, Delia Helen M.
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