PostHeaderIconSaltfleet township, Wentworth county, Ontario, Canada

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Lee, Maria birth 1810-07-11
Lee, Sarah S. birth 1813-01-16
Lee, Susan birth 1814-03-09
Lee, Peter birth 1816
Lee, Frederick birth 1816-04-20
Lee, Caroline Matilda birth 1820-09-17
Lee, James birth 1826
Lee, Adelaide birth 1831-03-02
Lee, Maria - McCubbin, James marriage 1831-03-03
McCubbin, Samuel Lee birth 1831/1832
McCubbin, Anna Matilda birth 1837-10-31
Lee, William Henry Lee - Swayze, Phoebe marriage 1838-01-30
Lee, Sarah S. death 1841-07-06
McCubbin, William Crockett birth 1842-03-02
Lee, Adelaide - Ker, Thomas marriage 1853-02-01
Lee, Allan Shaver birth 1888-06-05
Lee, Gertrude Emily birth 1899-03-03
Lee, Priscilla birth ~1831
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