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Harry E. Shaver is the 12th child of Margaret JANE Daniels and Mordecai Wallace Wesbrook.

born: February 14, 1881 ...Home of Mordecai Wesbrook, Oakland, Brant county, Ontario, Canada
died: May 3, 1963 ... in: Brantford general Hospital, Brantford, Brant county, Ontario, Canada
buried: Oakland Cemetery, Oakland, Brant county, Ontario, Canada

married: Thelma Lee (0 children)
married: Ada Burtch (3 children

Harry E. Wesbrook: 1881-1963Harry E. Wesbrook: 1881-1963

Wesbrook - DanielsWesbrook - Daniels

Family Lineage

Mary Ann Shaver : Family LineMary Ann Shaver Family Line

Personal Events
Events Event Type Place Datesort icon
Wesbrook, Harry E. - Lee, Thelma marriage 1898-11-05
Wesbrook, Harry E. - Burtch, Ada marriage 1906-10-31
Family ID - Heads of Family
2320 - Wesbrook, Harry E. - Burtch, Ada
Family ID - Children Birth order
2320 - (no children)
Family ID - Parents
2224 - Daniels, Margaret "Jane"
2224 - Wesbrook, Mordecai Wallace
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