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Percy Shaver Price is the 1st child of Harriet Josephine Shaver and John Robert Belvins Price; and a grandchild of Francis W. Shaver.

born: December 30, 1887 ... in: Britannia, Peel county, Ontario, Canada
died: April 12, 1948 ... in: Cooksville, Ontario, Canada
buried: Dixie Cemetery, Toronto township, Peel county, Ontario, Canada

married: Mary MARGARET Irwin
(4 children)

Emily and Francis W. Shaver: grandparentsEmily and Francis W. Shaver: grandparentsHarriet Shaver (1863): parentHarriet Shaver (1863): parent Harriet Shaver - Price: parentHarriet Shaver - Price: parent

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Peter Shaver
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Personal Events
Family ID - Heads of Family
852 - Price, Percy Shaver - Irwin, Margaret
Family ID - Children Birth order
852 - Price, Murray Shaver 1
852 - (no children) 2
852 - Price, Audrey Carol 3
852 - Price, Myrna Jean 4
Family ID - Parents
658 - Price, John R. Belvins
658 - Shaver, Harriet J. (1863)
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