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Reginald S. Rolston is the 6th child of E. "Minnie" I. L.Y. Shaver and John W. Rolston; and a grandchild of Francis W. Shaver.

born: November 23, 1902 ... in: Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
died: February 10, 1992 ... in: Detroit, Michigan, United States

married: Mildred I. Sauvereen
(2 children)

Minnie Shaver : parentMinnie Shaver : parentEmily and Francis W. Shaver: grandparentsEmily and Francis W. Shaver: grandparents

Family Lineage

Peter Shaver
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Family ID - Heads of Family
640 - Rolston, Reginald S. - Sauvereen, Mildred I.
Family ID - Children Birth order
640 - Rolston, Leonard E. 1
640 - Rolston, Donald Jack 2
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