PostHeaderIconBrant County, Ontario, Canada

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Smith, Henry McGregor burial
Shaver, Henrietta birth
Ryder, Earle Franklin death
Shaver, Ethel Grace birth
Smith, Benjamin - Cornell, Martha - marriage marriage 1845-08-27
Kelly, Elizabeth Jane birth 1850-06-29
Shaver, William M. - Cole, Elizabeth M. marriage 1852-05-18
Wesbrook, Mary Elizabeth birth 1854-01-07
Wesbrook, James Henry birth 1856-03-24
Shaver, Henry "Harry" birth 1856-08-19
Shaver, Arla/Ida Jane birth 1856-12-06
Eadie, William Henry birth 1857-07-07
McCubbin, Anna Matilda -Force, Henry Vanransalaer marriage 1858-02-24
Shaver, Rebecca "Becky" L. birth 1858-05-13
Howey, Ira Willard birth 1858-09-14
Shaver, John James birth 1859-02-03
Shaver, John B. (jr.) birth 1859-07-17
McCubbin, Samuel Lee - McMullen, Eliza marriage 1861-12-04
Shaver, Ada Elizabeth birth 1861/62-11-29
Wesbrook, Mordecai Wallace - Daniels, M. Jane marriage 1861/62/63-10-15
Shaver, Aley John birth 1861/63/64
Shaver, Clarisa Mehalla birth 1863-11-11
McCubbin, Ira Case birth 1864-03-17
Shaver, Elizabeth Jane - Tillett, James Henry - marriage marriage 1865-06-07
Shaver, William Henry birth 1866
McCubbin, William Crockett - Crane, Nancy Jane marriage 1866-09-25
Henry "Harry" Shaver Wesbrook - Fairchild, Helen "Nellie" M. marriage 1866-12-25
Shaver, Phoebe Callista - Tallman, William Henry marriage 1867-04-24
Shaver, Marianne - Kern, William C. - marriage marriage 1867-05-21
Lee, Maria death 1867-08-17
Shaver, Ira Luther Hamilton birth 1869-01-03
McCubbin, George Albert birth 1869-02-10
McCubbin, Franklin birth 1869-09-03
Shaver, Charlotte Minerva Melvina birth 1869-10-27
Shaver Amanda - Willits, David marriage 1871
Shaver, Rossanna "Rosy" birth 1872-02-08
George Norman Willits birth 1873-01-03
Willits, Mary Rebecca birth 1874-08-02
Shaver, John James death 1875-11-12
Shaver, Sylvia birth 1876-01-16
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1891 Canada Census - Annie Shaver census record