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Francis WESLEY "Wes" Shaver is the 2nd child of Emily Jane Ward and Francis Wm Shaver (1833).

born: August 10, 1858 ... in: (Applewood) Etobicoke or Toronto twp., Canada
died: December 5, 1938 ... in: Winnipeg general hospital, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

married: Mary ROSE Anne Mercer
(18 children)

Wes Shaver: with brother GeorgeWes Shaver: with brother George

Emily and Francis W. Shaver: parentsEmily and Francis W. Shaver: parentsWesley Shaver (1858)Wesley Shaver (1858)

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Peter Shaver
Family Line

Personal Events
Family ID - Heads of Family
534 - Shaver, F. Wesley - Mercer, M. Rose Anne
Family ID - Parents
309 - Shaver, Francis William (1833)
309 - Ward, Emily Jane
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