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Shaver, James W. - Kenny, Mary marriage
Shaver, Thomas Ryan birth 1862-07-02
Shaver, Daniel M. birth 1866-04-18
Bennett, Lodema birth 1868
Bennett, Alma birth 1875
Wesbrook, Walter Haggai birth 1875-12-13
Lee, Peter death 1878-04-28
Bennett, Millie birth 1881
Shaver, John Henry birth 1884
Shaver, James W. death 1893-09-14
Shaver, John W. death 1898-04-25
Lee, Sophrona death 1902
Place, Clarence Roy birth 1903-07-08
Lee, Adaline death 1908-02-21
Cameron, Duncan death 1913-05-23
Wesbrook, James Henry death 1932-04-04
Rolston, Reginald - death death 1992-02-10
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