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William IRA Kraemer is the 2nd child of Mary Catharine Rymal and John Kraemer.

born: May 18, 1848
died: June 12, 1877

married: Magaret Caffey
(1 child)

W. Ira KraemerW. Ira Kraemer

Margaret, Shaver (1801-1884): GrandmotherMargaret, Shaver (1801-1884): Grandmother

Family Lineage

Margaret Shaver
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Personal Events
Events Event Type Place Datesort icon
Kraemer, William Ira - Caffey, Marion marriage 1870-10/11-08
Family ID - Heads of Family
1759 - Kraemer, William Ira - Caffey, Marion
Family ID - Children Birth order
1759 - Kraemer, william (jr.) 1
Family ID - Parents
1283 - Kraemer, John
1283 - Rymal, Mary Catharine (1823)
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