PostHeaderIconBeverley Township, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada

Beverley Township was a township established in 1792[1] in Home District in the then Upper Canada, today Ontario, Canada. It was named for the town of Beverley in Yorkshire, England, by John Graves Simcoe.[2] The township became part of Halton County when that county was created as part of Gore District in 1816, and was then transferred to Wentworth County in 1853. When the Regional Municipality of Hamilton–Wentworth was created in 1974, most of Beverley Township was absorbed by Flamborough, Ontario.[1] The area is now part of the city of Hamilton.
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Title Event Type Datesort icon
Shaver, Catherine - birth birth 1795-07-21
Cornell, Martha - birth birth 1827-09-09
Shaver, Catherine - death death 1859-07-12
Shaver, Catherine - burial burial 1859-07-18
Lee, John - death death 1893-02-17
Lee, John - burial burial 1893-02-17 (after)
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